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How does our Platform work?

Our Wi-Fi powered sensors allow you to remotely
monitor various aspects of your business via online connected devices.
We offer a complete sensing, data tracking, monitoring and alerting solution
that has been tried and tested in some of the most demanding industries.



In BFC Sensors, we take sensing, monitoring and collecting data to a whole new level, letting our users control and manage their sensors over the Internet, from any location in the world. Users can interact with their devices via a self-developed multiplatform web-based interface, which gives them the power to potentially monitor hundreds of sensors in different countries or places. Our system not only provides the ability to remotely manage and monitor the sensors, but users can also retrieve, graph and export their sensor data online with a few clicks. And if this wasn't enough, we give our users the ability to set up their own Email and SMS Alerts via our CAS (Configurable Alert System), which will notify them when conditions are met.

BFC Sense™ Platform Diagram

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